StoryArts 2017

The 2017 camp consisted of three project modules centered around three conceptual themes: Self, Community, and Society.


Painting, Portraiture, Comics

In this module, Campers worked with teaching portrait artist Elizabeth Weiss and comics teaching artist Wayne Tate on self-knowledge and self-expression through painting as a visual medium. The students produced portraits that didn't just capture their likenesses but told powerful stories about who they are as individuals. 


Collaborative Community Theatre and Performance 

Students worked in groups to write, produce and act in performance pieces on the theme of community with life long teaching artist Eshay Brantley. 


Engaging Society through Filmmaking

In this module students discussed the utility of filmmaking, the racial and gendered aspects of the film industry, and the potential for filmmaking to build better communities and societies. Emiliano Burr, Camila Gonzalez and Jonathan Poilpre assisted the students in writing, producing, acting, filming and editing original short films.