StoryArts 2018

The 2018 curriculum will consist of four modules that will culminate in one music video/ cinepoem project. Campers will learn about film planning and collaboration, spoken word poetry, music production, and film production. 


Collaborative Filmmaking: Planning and Production

In this module, Campers will work closely with teaching artist Ireashia Bennett to learn about film planning and collaboration early on the the program. Later, Ireashia will return to help campers realize their film plans using film equipment. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 4.21.18 PM.png

Spoken Word and Performance 

Students will work with their project groups and life long teaching artist Eshay Brantley to write spoken word poems that will used later in their music video or cinepoem projects.  


Innovative Sounds: Music Production

In this module, students will work with teaching artist and Columbia College student Jacob Swindell to set their poems to music by exploring different methods of digital music making and utilizing Jacob's extensive sample library. 

The 2018 program culminated in collaborative music videos projects! Check them out below.